Flash Fire Injures 3 Workers at Fayette Plant

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Flash Fire at Plant | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems 

Allow, WV -- Three workers were injured in a flash fire on Tuesday at a West Virginia plant.

The flash fire started when the contract workers were using a jackhammer.  They struck an electrical line, and a flash fire started.

"They cut into an underground power source, which in turn caused a few transformers to explode, exposing them to a flash burning," said Fire Department Chief Mike Myers. 


When the ambulance arrived, the men were conscious. 

"None of them came in contact with the electricity itself," said Myers.  "The people involved were up walking around or sitting in the back of the ambulance when we arrived on the scene.  There were mainly just burns, from the initial flash of cutting into the power source, to their arms and facial area." 

Two of the injured were taken to the hospital and one was flown by helicopter to a burn unit. 

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