10 Excel Secrets Every Admin Should Know by Admin Secret

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In the construction business spreadsheets are a part of the life.  No one likes them, but there is no avoiding them either.

Here are 10 MS Excel hacks to make your life easier!

10 Excel Hacks for Construction Pros | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems 

Post by Admin Secret

1)  Do you need to create a PDF, but don't have Adobe Acrobat?  Go to print, select Microsoft Office Document Image Writer in the printer selection, click print.  Now you have a non-editable, PDF-life version.

2)   Add an entire webpage of content into a spreadsheet easily.  Click file, open, browse; type in the address (including http:// and .html if needed); click open.  All of the data from the webpage is now in the spreadsheet (I just tested this.  It works!).

icon Step-by-Step Guide to Import a Webpage to Excel

3)   Do you know the power of auto filter?  If you need to find information quickly in a spreadsheet, open the spreadsheet, highlight the sheet, and click on data ->filter -> autofilter.  Now each column has a filter function.

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