Construction Workers Walk Off Job Due to Safety Concerns

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Construction Workers Walk Off Site Due to Safety Issues | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems   

1,500 construction workers have walked off a job site because of safety concerns that have plagued the site.

Dan Bessel, a representative from the Electrical Trades Union told reporters that a water truck reversed into a set of water barriers that were meant to protect workers.

"If someone had have actually been walking in between those water barriers, which was the designated walkway, they would have been crushed," Bessel said.  "The workers have withdrawn their labor today due to being frustrated about safety issues that they've been raising over the last couple of weeks and Lendlease's failure to act on some of those safety concerns."

An unnamed construction worker mentioned that sub-contractors were being reprimanded for minor issues like not wearing gloves, while major safety issues were being ignored.  Things have been falling off buildings and landing on walkways.  Luckily, no one was injured.

Morale is extremely low.  "I've worked in the trade for at least 40 years and I've never been on a jobsite in my life that I've experienced such low morale," said contractor Angus.

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