5 Weird Construction Site Finds

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5 Weird Construction Site Finds | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems 

One of my favorite blog posts to write is about the weird and all around bizarre construction site finds.  Here are the top five construction site finds that fall in the weird category.

1.  Walrus Bones (buried with humans!) - Workers were breaking ground for the St. Pancras railway station.  The site was the burial ground for St. Pancras Church, so bodies were expected.  What wasn't expected was walrus bones mixed in a coffin with 8 other bodies. 

2.   A Viking Burial Pit - In 2010, a burial pit was found with 50 skulls on one side and 50 bodies strewn on the other side.  Archeologists analyzed the teeth and and found that they were vikings from Scandonavian countries.

3.  King Richard III - From 1483-1485, King Richard III ruled England.  He was a hated king.  He usurped the crown from his nephews and had them killed, ordered his wife and brother killed, and the country openly hated him.  This back story is for a reason; when he was killed in the Battle of Bosworth, his body was not cared for and this resulted in his remains being found at the construction site for Leicester Car Park. 

4.  Roman Gladiator School (in Austria) - A 200,000 square foot Gladiator School was found in Austria that featured a large inner courtyard, bathing complex, training center, cemetary, and cell-like living quarters.  

5.  A 15th Century Hospital -  While building an Apple store in Madrid, builders came across the remains of an ancient hospital.  It was a hospital used during the plague of the 1400s.  The hospital was decomissioned in 1854.  When Apple discovered the old building, they incorporated it into their new store.


Photo credit: N Stjerna / Foter / CC BY