Men Injured in YMCA Construction Accident

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Men Injured in YMCA Scaffold Collapse (source: | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems 

La Crosse, WI -- Two workers were injured at the La Crosse YMCA when they were working on scaffolding that collapsed. 

Two men were on the scaffolding, one 12 feet up and the other 20 feet up.  They both fell into the basement when the scaffolding collapsed.  The scaffold collapsed when a plank gave way.

Both men were brought to Gundersen Health System for treatment.  As of Wednesday, they are now out of the hospital. 

The question is:  were they wearing personal protective equipment?  On scaffolding, the men should have been wearing harnesses, hard hats (considering they survived, they must have been wearing hard hats), gloves, and safety glasses.  It appears, they were not wearing harnesses.  Read the original story here.

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