Generator Explosion and Fire Shut Down Biomass Energy Plant

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Generator Explosion & Fire Shut Down Biomass Power Plant | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems (

Bethlehem, PA -- No one was injured when a biomass power plant's generator exploded and caused a fire.

Fire Chief Jack Anderson said the explosion happened on Tuesday at 11:11am and was an accident.  Several surrounding communities sent fire crews to the scene at Pinetree Power (17.1 MW).  Chief Anderson praised the plant's employees who immediately reacted following the explosion.  They shut off the power to the four-story building and activated the water supply for the fire crews.

"Their crew did a wonderful job," said Anderson.

The 15x10 foot generator failed, which caused an explosion.  The generator broke up into multiple pieces, some weighing as much as 1k lbs.  

Despite the explosion, Anderson said Pinetree Power is a good corporate resident and a "well-run facility."  They also keep an emphasis on safety.

"This was a pure accident.  Nobody could tell it was coming," Anderson said.

Anderson went on to say that the plant is completely shut down and this is a blow to the local economy.  The plant employed a dozen people and employed local loggers to provide the wood for the biomass plant.   

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