The 100 MW Solar Power Plant with Molten Salt Storage System Accomplished First Sync via Power Mag

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The 100 MW Kathu solar power plant with molten salt storage system accomplished first synchronization

via Power Magazine

A Snippet:

Johannesburg (South Africa), 26 November 2018 – The engineering and technology group SENER and ACCIONA Industrial have reached a critical milestone in the construction project of Kathu Solar Park. Namely, the successful synchronization was achieved on 18 November, electric power was generated and transferred on the National grid complying with all expected parameters to ensure the supply of power starts and end users can consume reliable energy once the plant is operational.

The Kathu Solar Park CSP Plant, which will provide clean and reliable energy to 179,000 homes is equipped with a molten salt storage system that will allow the plant to keep producing electricity 4.5 hours steadily in absence of solar radiation and guarantee dispatchable energy generation to meet on demand needs. Likewise, the use of SENERtrough®-2 collectors, a parabolic trough technology designed and patented by SENER, will aim at improving efficiency of the plant.