New Solar Power Plant Set to Go Online at Chernobyl

solar power chernobyl.jpg

In 2016, Chernobyl announced that it was going to be transformed into a solar power plant.  This site is not safe for life for tens of thousands of years after the Chernobyl disaster.  Turning it into a solar power plant park makes perfect sense.

The solar plant is set to be completed soon and will produce 1 MW of power, enough to supply power to a mid-sized village.  There are talks to quickly expand this plant to get it to 2 gigawatts of power, which would power 750,000 households.

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The power will go to Ukraine, which is currently using a Russian-owned gas-fired power plant that is in short supply,

Concentrating solar power

Solar power is being used more and more often.  It's becoming cheaper and more accessible.  It doesn't pollute the environment and works well.  Solar power has helped bring energy to many places suffering from a shortage, such as South Australia.

Currently, Australia is the home to the largest solar power plant in the world.

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"The significance of solar thermal generation lies in its ability to provide energy virtually on demand through the use of thermal energy storage to store heat for running the power turbines," said Wasim Saman, University of South Australia Professor of Sustainable Energy Engineering.