Spotlight on Safety: Employee Driver Safety

employee driver safety

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1,766 deaths a year are from driving on the job. Nearly 40% of occupational fatalities are a result of transportation incidents. Statistics indicate someone dies every twelve minutes in a motor vehicle crash, as such, we need to make transportation safety a priority.

Did you know that the average on-the-job crash costs employers $16,500? If that crash causes an injury, it costs $74,000 on average. If that crash causes a fatality, it averages $500,000.


What can employers do to avoid transportation-related injuries?

• Encourage employees be well rested before driving.
• Ensure that employees refrain from taking medication that will make them drowsy.
• Employees should avoid distractions such as eating, adjusting mirrors, adjusting the radio, drinking, or talking/texting on the phone while driving.
• Ask employees to pre-plan routes.
• Encourage every two hour breaks while driving a long distance.
• Maintain vehicles, so they are in good working condition.

Employees should be instructed to practice safe driving and take control of their safety.

• Conduct a pre-start inspection on your vehicle.
• Wear your seat belt and require passengers to as well.
• Stay alert and be prepared for the unexpected.
• Check mirrors
• Scan the roadway and prepare for hazards.
• Comply with speed limits and don't drive too fast for conditions.
• Keep a safe distance between your car and the car in front of you.
• Do not engage in aggressive driving.
• Pay attention to cross walks.
• Do not drink and drive.

Employers spend $60 billion annually on medical care, legal, property damage, and lost productivity from vehicle crashes. Employees are injured every ten seconds in a motor vehicle crash. By following these precautions and encouraging others to as well, both employers and employees will benefit from safe driving on the job.

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