10 Construction Apps That Will Make Life in the Field Easier

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The construction industry is fast-paced.  At any time, a contractor can get a call that something needs worked on immediately.  In fact, in May of 2015, we got a call that a transformer caught fire.  The fire sprinklers activated and extinguished the fire, but the transformer was unusable, causing a forced outage.  We needed to get to the site the next day and a new fire protection design needed to be drawn to meet the new transformer’s needs.  Apps like Notevault, FieldWire, and AutoCAD 360 helped the field team and design department work together seamlessly to install the new fire sprinkler and stay updated on design changes. 


1)     Viewpoint for Mobile


Cost:  Need to Purchase Software

Viewpoint is a great way to track time and productivity.  Construction professionals can organize the app by job site and code.  They can track their time for each job as well as take photos for job site progress and tag the photos with dates, location, and job code.

2)     Hours Tracker App


Cost:  Free

Hours Tracker is a nice, simple app for tracking time on the job.  It is the number one downloaded time keeping app with 500,000 downloads and a 4.1/5 rating.  Hours tracker allows you to track multiple jobs, manually clock in and out or set up geo-fencing that will automatically clock you in and out based on your location.  Added benefits are the ability to take notes and the app will calculate how much you will be getting paid for the job.

3)     Notevault


Cost:  $29-$99 a month

Notevault allows you to track labor and log hours, determine equipment used, and track materials.  Subcontractors can send information to the contractor straight from their phone.  It’s easy – at a job site, you speak your notes into the app and Notevault’s staff transcribes your notes and sends a morning report each day. 

4)     Handyman Calculator


Cost:  Free

This app was listed in This Old House Top 100 and the Top 100 Productivity apps.  It includes applications for time tracking, cut list calculator, and construction calculators for any calculation you might need.  Read the full list of calculators here.

5)     Fieldwire


Cost:  Free for up to 10 users, 5 projects; $29+/month for more.

Fieldwire is the top downloaded construction management app with 50,000+ downloads.  It connects the field team with project managers, subcontractors, and foreman.  Each person can view drawings, carry punch lists, and schedule tasks while sharing it with each member of the team.  Fieldwire has several apps to help the construction team:  drawing & blueprint; lean construction scheduling; and building inspection & punch list. 

6)     Evernote


Cost:  Free

Evernote allows you to make a note and add text, store documents, files, videos, and photos.  Notes can be seen on any device – phone,

 computer, or tablet – so you never are without the information that you need.

7)     Construction Manager

Cost:  Free, in-app purchases available.

Voted as one of the top construction apps in 2015, a half million people have downloaded this app to help them with transferring maintenance logs, daily reports, project estimates, and time sheets between company headquarters and construction sites.

8)     Build Calc

Cost:  $24.99

This app allows you to design layouts, estimate materials, and calculate conversions.  This calculator app has a 4.6/5 rating on the Google Play Store.  The app was developed over 9 months working with construction pros to find out their needs and having them test the functionality in the field.

9)     AutoCAD 360


Cost:  Free with an AutoCAD software code.

When you use AutoCAD, this app will allow you to draft, edit and add mark ups through your smart phone.  While at the job site, you can pull up the most recent plans and edit or re-draw.  Offline changes will sync once your phone goes back online.  In addition, it will connect to cloud storage for accessibility from any device.

10) USD ConstructionSuite


Cost:  Depends on Size

This app has over 100,000 active users.  Construction professionals can manage applications, estimating, job costs, project management, scheduling, and document management.  All of this information can then be shared to other members of the team for easy coordination.

No matter the trade, construction apps make life easier.  With the ability to track hours, take notes, calculate materials, and share information from the field to the office, construction apps are not only a benefit, but a necessity in the industry.

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