8 Out of the Box Productivity Hacks by LEVO

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8 Out of the Box Productivity Tips | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems

Are you tired of the same old productivity tips?  Well, here are 8 out of the box productivity tips for when you are REALLY not feeling it.  LEVO put together some tips that will help you keep up the productivity even on the hardest of days (like a Friday...).

 1)  Make to-do lists in a new way - Instead of making traditional lists, make venn diagrams or word cloud lists so you can visualize how tasks work together.  If something can be done in batches or two tasks need to be done together to complete each other, write it in a cloud format to visualize how these tasks work together.

2)   Wake up to bright colors - Studies show that waking up and being exposed to bright colors early in the day will boost energy.  Keep some flowers on your breakfast table or buy a brightly colored cereal.  Any little bit can be effective.

3)  Get out in nature - A 2009 study by University of Michigan showed that people who walked in a nature setting were 20% more productive during the day.  If you don't live or work by a nature setting, a walk on a quiet street or even some plants could help. 

4)   Laughter is the best medicine - 91% of executives believe that a sense of humor has helped them advance in their careers.  84% of employees feel that people with a good sense of humor do better at work.

5)  Wake up early - The best productivity happens when everyone else is sleeping.  Sure, waking up at 4am is hard, but once you're up - it is much easier to be productive. 

6)  Limit choices on menial tasks - Having a few pieces of clothing that you can mix and match cut down on menial tasks that can take up your mind.  Same goes for meals, having a regular meal plan (i.e. breakfast = oatmeal; lunch = canned soup; dinner = a salad bar) can cut down on your thought processes for unimportant tasks. 

7)  Set up time blocks - Set designated times during the day for certain tasks.  It eases your mind of mentally needing to plan when you're going to do certain tasks.

8)  Keep a toasty office - Studies show that when people are cold, they feel alone, less cared about, and less generous.  When we're warm, we feel and act friendlier and more productive. 


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