Nat Gas Power Plant Adds Battery Storage Room with Fire Protection

Natural Gas Power Plant

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When the bid process was delayed, timelines were blown, and long lead equipment was not ordered when needed, putting stress on the project team, a fire reminded us why we do what we do.

New Challenges + Tight Timelines

A small, 45-MW natural-gas power plant contacted us for an interesting project that we were excited to work on. The plant was adding four battery storage rooms to an existing building that was on site at this southern California plant. The battery rooms will store excess energy that is produced during non-peak hours to use during peak hours. We were given a fast tracked schedule, and while it was a tight timeline, the opportunity to work on this unique, fast-paced project was exactly the type of challenge we look for to showcase our abilities.

The battery storage room needed an FM-200 system and a Notifier Fire Alarm system with heat detection, and a VESDA air sampling detection system. While this was the first time installing a system in a battery storage building of this size, the systems were typical and well within our wheel house.

Questioning Bids + Delayed Schedules

This power plant was eager for a quick turnaround. However, the plant required that the GC provide pricing from competitors to compare costs. This process began after the timeline was set. For three weeks, prices were compared, and, although F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems wasn't the lowest bid, they were chosen based on past performances, good relationship, and track record with the GC. The demanding timeline wasn't adjusted based on this three week delay. With the delay, design and equipment lead time was put off as well, and we weren't able to meet the aggressive deadline due to the long lead times.

Long Awaited Equipment + System Tested

The equipment finally arrived, and we were able to complete the install three weeks past the original deadline but within our originally advertised time of performance. Shortly after the system was installed, it was tested in a real fire situation. A fire ignited in battery room 4, and our system operated perfectly. The fire was suppressed and damage was minimal.

The project manager on the project summarized, "We learned that we must demand the same level of performance from our vendors, design team, project management, and sales team that we've come to expect from our field team in order to meet our clients toughest demands."

Learn more about this project and its Greentech Media Grid Edge award here. 

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