Construction Company Faces Numerous Penalties, Fines After Trench Accident

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Construction Company Faces Fines After Trench Collapse | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems

Louisville, KY -- A construction company agreed to pay thousands in fines when an investigation found that they were at fault for a trench collapse that killed one worker and injured another.

In June 2015, employees were working in a ten foot trench when a spill pile collapsed.  The collapse trapped two workers in hundreds of pounds of concrete and dirt.  One man died while the other was rescued. 

The Kentucky Labor Cabinet fined the company $41,600.  They received eight separate penalties.  These included not isolating a manhole, not testing the space before the workers entered, no rescue equipment on hand, and lack of training, among other things.

After investigating it was found that the company had not trained their workers in any rescue procedures of any kind.  The workers in the trench were not wearing personal protective equipment, including hard hats.  The men also had no ladder to get out of the trench.  The trench box was four feet too short for the depth of the hole.

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