Duke Energy Scales Back Power Plant Plans to Meet Local Community's Requests

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Duke Energy Scales Back Power Plant | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems

North Carolina -- Duke Energy listened to the thousands of mountain residents who voiced their concerns about the plans for a 650MW power plant in Campobello, SC and have scaled their vision to accommodate the community's concerns.

Duke had planned on building a 650 MW power plant with power lines that ran 45 miles from Campbello, SC to Buncombe County.  However, residents raised concerns over the power lines ruining the landscape of the beautiful mountain region.  Duke Energy listened to their concerns and have changed their plans.  They will now build two 280 MW gas units and a third 190 MW gas unit to be added in 2023.  They will also not be building the transmission line.

Philip Brown, a local teacher whose family has lived in the area since the 1830s said that the 140-foot towers, "would have changed the entire landscape in Mills River.  I hope this is what victory feels like.  I appreciate that Duke listened and acted like they cared about what we think." 

"While the previous plan was more robust and scaled for the longer term, the new plan balances the concerns raised by the community and the very real need to more electricity to serve this growing region," Duke's Carolina's president Lloyd Yates said.

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