Top 5 Power + Construction Stories This Week

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We're reviewing the top power and construction stories from last week.  Fires, deadly collapses, new tech, and gas leaks top the list this week.

1)  Investigation into Fire at Moneypoint Power Station

The cause is not yet known for a coal-fired power plant fire.  It ignited on a coal conveyor and caused some damage, but the output was not affected thanks to the fire suppression system.  An ESB spokesperson said, "The station's automatic fire detection and suppression systems were activated and trained station personnel were immediately deployed to investigate and control the fire.  Local Authority Fire Service was also called to assist." 

2)   At Least 9 Killed in Operation Platform Collapse at a Power Plant in China

At least nine people were killed when an operation platform collapsed at a Chinese power plant.  The power plant is still under construction and the accident is under investigation.  China has a bad reputation for workplace safety.  In 2015, 114 people were killed in a warehouse explosion, and in 2016, 21 people were killed in a coal-fired power plant explosion. 

3)   Power Station Evacuated Following Gas Leak

Berakas power management company confirmed that all non-essential staff were evacuated from the power station due to a gas leak.  The gas, Cyclopentane, a highly flammable gas, leaked, and was classified as a low explosion level (LEL). 

4)   Fire Damaged Monroe Power Plant

A fire caused damage to a mostly closed power plant.  The fire started in a dust collector.  Firefighters were at the plant for two hours knocking down the fire, which was exacerbated by coal dust. 

5)   Eco-friendly Power Plant Technology in India

Bharat Heavy Electricals commissioned an eco-friendly Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion technology that uses lignite as the primary fuel.  The technology uses India's low grade, high-moisture lignite.  Lignite is a "brown coal."  It is soft, combustible sedimentary rock formed from compressed peat. 



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