Industrial Explosion - workers acted fast to prevent further disaster

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Industrial Explosion | The Moran Group

Brisbane, Australia -- An explosion at an industrial plant killed a man, but the quick action of workers helped to prevent a further death toll.

Reports say a truck was dumping material near an open-air container when the explosion occurred at the oil processing plant.  A 38-year old worker was killed in the explosion. 

Two other men were near the blast when it occurred, but, they luckily were uninjured.

"[It was] very lucky that those two persons were not injured in any way," said Senior Sergeant Marc Kimber.  "And very lucky that the fire and explosion didn't continue on and cause any further concerns."

A nearby business owner said he never heard the explosion but, "The first we saw was the plume.  All we could see was this thick plume of smoke billowing out.  It was about 10-20 meters wide, it was just swirling and swirling.  It was going straight in the air and it looked vicious.  You could see the flames inside the smoke plume.  I have never seen anything like it - the blackness of the smoke."

The blaze was brief but intense, according to the fire chief.  "The actions of the employees here contributed significantly to reducing what could potentially have been an even worse situation," said Fire Chief Superintendent David Herman.  "They went into action to remove the fuel that was being unloaded and to secure the area to stop it escalating from where it was."

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