Court Rules: Workers Not Injured in Connecticut Blast Can't Sue

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Workers Cannot Sue for Lost Wages Following Power Plant Explosion | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems

Hartford, CT -- More than 40 workers, who had no injuries, sued after losing their jobs following the deadly Connecticut power plant blast.

The Supreme Court ruled that the United States will not permit such lawsuits.  Justice Richard Robinson said that allowing contractors to be held liable "appears likely to result in a significant increase in litigation, without a corresponding increase in the safe operation of industrial sites such as the power plant."

The blast at Kleen Energy killed six workers and injured fifty people.  The explosion happened because workers were doing a gas blow practice to clean out pipes.  A spark occurred and this ignited the gas.

An attorney for the contractors said a ruling in favor of the workers suing for lost wages would have "opened the litigation floodgates whenever there's an accident."

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