Gavin Plant Experiences Fire

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Gavin Power Plant Experiences Fire | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems

A fire ignited at the General James M Gavin Power Plant in Chesire on Sunday.  Black smoke could be seen for miles.

The fire was caused by a failed generator step-up transformer in Unit 2.  This transformer handles the generator voltage and increases it to match the transmission line voltage, so power can leave the plant.

Three fire departments were called to the scene and no injuries were reported.  While three departments were called to the scene, the deluge fire sprinkler system activated and had the fire contained.

"Unfortunately, when yo uare dealing with large electrical equipment and there is some type of equipment failure, it can cause a fire.  We have systems in place such as fire suppression systems, the fire brigade at the plant, training for our employees, and relationships with local emergency responders and in this case, those systems worked and we were able to put the fire out safely," said Tammy Ridout, Media Relations and Policy COmmunications Manager.

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