Two Construction Workers Die When Concrete Slab Falls on Them

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Construction Workers Killed at Construction Site | The Moran Group

Australia -- Two construction workers were taking a smoke break when a slab that was being lifted off a truck fell on top of them.  They both died on the scene.

The construction site was erecting an apartment building when the concrete slab fell, killing the men and halting work.  The names are not being released, but there was a "palpable sense of grief" in the Ireland town the men were from.  

Sin Fein councillor Sorcha McAnesphie said, "He [one of the men killed] hasn't been in Australia long - it was only a month ago when he left.  Whatever help we as a community can do, we will - that's what we do best."

Western Australia Police said officers were called to the scene at 11:35am on Wednesday to attend to "two people trapped under a large piece of concrete."  The construction site has been closed since the accident to investigate.

Witnesses say the "large concrete slab of about 10 by 15 meters was being lifted by a crane off a delivery truck."  It hadn't gotten far off the truck when it fell.

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