Fire at Chemical Plant Leads to 70 Homes Being Evacuated

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Fire at Chemical Plant Leads to the Evacuation of 70 Homes | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems

Pittsburgh, PA -- Residents of Leetsdale were in for a surprise when 70 homes were evacuated following a 5-alarm chemical plant fire.

The fire ignited when four workers were adding chemicals for gas well fracturing to a production tank at Lubrizol Corp Oilfield Chemistry Site.  Approximately forty workers escaped from the explosion and flames; although, five workers were injured in the blast.

Of the five injured employees, three were hospitalized, one for chemical burns and two for chest pains.  The other two workers were treated on site.  Three firefighters were also hurt.

The fire overheated containers, causing explosions.  The air was poisoned by the chemical plume of ammonium persulfate and sodium chlorite.  These chemicals are known for causing respiratory problems.

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