Despite Fukushima, Interest in Nuclear Power Up

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Despite Fukushima, Interest in Nuclear Power has Increased | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems

Philippines -- Despite the nuclear disaster that happened at Fukushima, Asia's interest in nuclear power has increased.

There is a dire need to fuel the region's demand for clean energy with the concerns over climate change.  Japan is at its highest pollution alert, and clean energy is a must.  There are currently 30 developing countries that are considering nuclear power and 440 nuclear power plants operating worldwide.

"After the Fukushima Dai-chi accident, some believed that is the end of nuclear power.  It was not the case," said Yukiya Amano, International Atomic Energy Agency Chief.  "Nuclear power plants or use of nuclear power is increasing significantly."

The meltdowns at Fukushima displaced 100,000 people because of the radioactive contamination.  However, research has shown that the reason for the meltdowns was because of that particular plant's lack of safeguards, not nuclear power itself.  Learn more about the Fukushima disaster here.

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