Carson City Power Plant Fire Leaves Millions in Damages

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Carson City Power Plant Fire Leaves Millions in Damages | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems

Carson City -- Millions of dollars in repairs are needed following a fire that destroyed an energy transformer at Renaissance Power Plant.

Carson City Fire Chief Mark Crawfis informed city officials that the fire that took place on October 30 could result in $4 - 4.5 million in repairs.  The power plant disagrees.  "The cause of the transformer fire at the Rennaissance Power Plant remains under investigation.  We expect the cost to replace the transformer will be less than $4 million, possibly closer to $2.5 million." 

According to Crawfis, the investgiation has been turned over to DTE.  Additionally, the problems the fire department encountered when fighting the blaze - connecting to the on-site foam tank - have been corrected.

"Everything's been fixed," he said.  "We did some further research on their systems and we know we can connect to their foam tanks now.  Their system produces too high of a pressure for our trucks because they are designed more for residential systems, but everything has been worked out now."

A replacement transformer should be in place by spring.

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