Fire Protection Contractor Faked Nuke Plant Inspection Reports for 10 Months

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Fire Protection Contractor Faked Nuclear Plant Inspection Reports | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

New Orleans, LA -- A fire protection contractor was caught faking fire protection inspections for a St Charles Parish nuclear plant.

The contractor failed to provide required hourly fire inspections and proceeded to falsify records for ten months to make it look like those inspections took place.  This was announced after an investigation that took place over 15 months.

The investigation showed that the nuclear plant's supervisor "deliberately failed to identify and take corrective actions upon being provided with information of suspected wrongdoing by contractor fire watch individuals."

Furthermore, the investigation found that the manager for the fire watch contracting company "deliberately provided incomplete and inaccurate information to an access authorization reviewing official regarding the trustworthiness and reliability of a contract fire watch individual."

An hourly fire watch is required an power plants in case a fire breaks near sensitive equipment.

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