One Man Dies in Water-Treatment Plant Explosion

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One Man Dies in Water-Treatment Plant Explosion

Midland, TX -- An employee of a water treatment plant died on Monday while mixing chemicals that exploded.

The explosion occurred at 10:30am on Monday when Julian Gallardo was mixing chemicals and they sparked an explosion.  He died in the explosion and the building, two RVs, and three other vehicles were destroyed in the explosion.

"Upon arrival, a structure was completely engulfed in flames.  Once the flame was extinguished, personnel discovered the body of Julian Gallardo within the structure," according to a press release.

The initial explosion was followed by a series of smaller explosion and a plume of smoke.

"In the house it sounded like the boom of fireworks but a little louder," said Kayle Wilson, who lives nearby.  "And then you could hear a series of smaller ones."

Three fire departments responded with six engines.  They were able to extinguish the blaze within an hour.

"There was some sort of chemical reaction, or spark that caused the chemicals to react.  It looked like that was what happened.  At this point, it's still under investigation," Midland Fire Marshall Dale Little said in a statement.


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