Four Injured in Chemical Plant Explosion

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Four Injured in Chemical Plant Explosion

North Andover, MA -- Four people are critically injured after an explosion at Dow Chemical Plant when trimethylaluminum and water came in contact.

This is the same site where, in 2013, a man died during another chemical reaction that caused an explosion.  

Fire crews have determined that no harmful chemicals have been released.  Invesitgators are still trying to determine how the reaction happened.  "It was more of an explosion than a fire.  There are no concerns for the surrounding area and community," said North Andover Fire Lietenant Robert Bonenfant.

The injured workers suffered shrapnel wounds and burns.  Two were airlifted to the hospital. 

The building suffered extensive damage near the blast site, but the structure is still structurally sound.

Read the full story here. 


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