Lockout, Tag Out Failure Death Leads to Lawsuit

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Lockout Tag out

Waco, TX -- The family of a construction worker who died due to the failure to lock out, tag out, has filed a lawsuit.

The man was working on Baylor's new business school when he died on June 12.  An elevator crushed him while he was working on an elevator shaft.  The lawsuit claims that the contractors failed to do a lock out, tag out for the elevator system while work was being done on the shaft.  This allowed the elevator to operate and crush the victim.

"While completing the work, one of the elevators engaged and, with nowhere to escape, Jeffrey was crushed to death between an I-beam structure and the elevator car," said Kala Sellers, lawyer.

Following the accident, OSHA investigated and found that the contractors were at fault.

 Learn more about lock out, tag out here. 

See the full story here. 

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