Xcel Energy Employees Staying Safer on the Job

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Xcel Energy Employees Staying Safer on the Job

Xcel Energy has worked hard to improve its safety over the years.  Through planning and a strict safety plan, they were able to go from an OSHA recordable of 2.95 to .9.

In 2008, OSHA's Recordable Incident Rate (RIR) was 2.42 and in 2015 it went to .9.  After reaching a very high OSHA RIR in 2008, Xcel started an initiative called "Journey to Zero."  This was a goal to get all worksites to zero safety incidents.

"Our outstanding safety record is a direct reflection of our employee's commitment to work safely and ensure we all go home injury-free every day.  The changes we have made to continuously improve our safety culture have resulted in steady progress toward helping employees do their job more safely."

One of their programs is called the "Safety Intervention and Stop Work Responsibility."  Every employee has the right, and is encouraged, to stop work if it is not being done safely.  Other programs include innovative safety training programs, field and crew leader training, and a work injury helpline that provides professional medical help instantly for any on-the-job injuries.

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