Construction Worker Impaled on Steel Bars after a Five-Story Fall

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Construction Worker Impaled on Steel Bars After Five-story Fall | The Moran Group

New York -- A construction worker was impaled by steel rebar after he fell five stories.

The worker fell fifty feet down a shaft into the basement of a 12-story building.  "He fell from the fourth floor into the basement where there's rebar and rubble.  He wasn't even touching the ground.  The rebar was holding him a foot off the ground," said James Apolito, 31.  

The worker is in critical condition.

Pieces of rebar, steel bars used to reinforce concrete, pierced his abdomen, back, thigh, buttock, and groin like a spear.  "He was conscious," Apolito continued.  "Mostly moaning.  It was's not something I'm going to forget."

The city requires caps to be added to rebar, but there were none.  "I just really wish they would have added the orange caps to the rebar.  It went right through him," said Apolito. 

Workers gathered materials beneath the man, trying to prop him up.  "I was trying to tell him not to move.  We were trying to get materials to support him.  He had a very, very big lump on his head, like a softball...I was trying to hold his head up," Apolito explained.

The victim was not wearing any personal protective equipment.

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