A Power Plant Glitch Kills Over a Thousand Fish

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A power plant glitch kills over one thousand fish

York County, PA -- Thousands of fish were killed when a glitch in a power plant shocked the fish, killing them instantly.

Brunner Island Steam Electric Station in York Haven announced that a glitch in the plant caused a thermal change to a nearby river and killed thousands of fish.  Todd Martin, spokesman for Talen Energy, said that at 2am on Saturday the electrical generation plant was down-powering one of its units when it unexpectantly shut down.  This resulted in water being discharged in the river without proper processing.  While there were no chemicals in the water, the temperature was not correct, making the river thirteen degrees colder.

Martin explained, "Basically, the fish that were in the discharge canal were unfortunately shocked by this incidental early shut down."

The water from the plant returned to its natural ambient temperature of the river quicker than normal.  The water, which is usually warmer, became thirteen degrees colder.  This temperature change shocked the fish and killed thousands.

"It was a thermal situation," Martin continued.  "The incidental, more abrupt shutdown caused a dramatic change in temperature, returning the water back it the natural temperature of the river more quickly."

The state Department of Environmental Protection and the state Fish and Boat Commission inspected the plant operations.  John Repetz. a spokesman for DEP said that Talen Energy was issued a violation but, "there is nothing else going on that has an environmental impact."

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