Georgia Power's Plans to Slow Renewable Energy Growth

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Georgia Power Plans to Slow Renewable Energy Growth | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems

Georgia -- Georgia Power has reported its energy production plan for the next three years and it has local club, Sierra Club Georgia, a community dedicated to nature preservation, disappointed.

Every three years, Georgia Power is required to file an Integrated Resource Plan, reporting its energy plans for the next two decades.  The 2016 report said that Georgia Power is planning on adding 525 megawatts of renewable energy generation from solar and wind power over the next three years.  This is a much slower rate than the previous four years.

The report also shows that they plan on retiring one coal-fired power plant that has been inactive over the past year. 

Colleen Kiernan, Director of the Sierra Club Georgia, said, "They got off to a great start investing in cheap solar and wind power three years ago, but this plan takes us in the other direction and they'll scale down that investment significantly, while they continue to hold on to really old, really dirty, really expensive coal-fired power plants."

Georgia Power responded that it's holding off retiring more coal plants until it knows more about how the new EPA regulations will affect the company's profit.

"Using the EPA's assumptions, in 2016-2017 alone, the [Clean Power Plan] would, for Georgia Power, result in $830 million in incremental costs related to increased production costs and an insufficient reserve margin, $70 million in additional transmission projects, $485 million to compensate for impacts to the fuels program, and the retirement of over 4,000 MW of fossil-fired units with a current value of over $3.7 billion."

Read the whole story here. 

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