Construction Worker Dies After Falling at Carlton Worksite

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Construction Worker Dies After Falling at Carlson Worksite | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems

Melborne, Australia -- A man died after falling from a platform at a construction site on Monday.

Police have reported that the accident happened around 8:30am on Monday.  A construction worker fell 20 meters down an open shaft when a temporary platform failed.  He was treated at the scene, but could not be revived.

The worker was standing on a platform that partially covered an open elevator shaft.

Union representatives labeled the area as unsafe.

"Generally, we try to stipulate that any sort of temporary work platform in a lift shaft fully covers the entire lift space, in this case it wasn't," said Gerard Ayers, union representative.  "It was lucky to cover probably half the riser shaft.  We say it [is] far better off to build a scaffold from the bottom and build it up, but in this case it hasn't been that way.  This highlights the inherent dangers and hazards that our construction workers face every minute of every day that they are on the job site.  We cannot allow this to continue.  It is utterly unforgivable that these sort of events occur."

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