Conveyor Fire Shuts Down Coal Power Plant

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conveyor fire coal power plant

India -- A coal conveyor belt caught on fire, shutting down a unit at Talwandi Sabo Thermal Plant.

"A fire broke out in the conveyor belt area and nearly a 25m portion of the belt was damaged due to which the coal supply was disrupted.  The plant had to be shut down.  The technical teams are assessing the cause of the fire and the losses.  It may take fifteen days to restart the plant," said the communications head of the plant, Vishal Aggarwal.

The fire ignited at 11pm when a conveyor belt system transporting coal collapsed by the transfer junction tower.

The fire was extinguished by the Vandanta company fire brigade.

"The power plant officials controlled the fire, but the power production was shut.  They are trying to restore power generation.  There was no casualty in the incident," said government officials.

Learn all about the fire hazards within a coal-fired power plant here

Read the full story here. 

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