Fire at Narayanganj Power Plant Halts Production

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Fire at Narayanganj Power Plant Halts Production | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

The Narayaganj Power Plant needed to halt production after a fire tore through its diesel power plant, taking the 100 MW power station offline.  What fire protection measures would you have made to avoid this?

A transformer of Desh Energy caught fire at 8:30am and it spread quickly.  Once the fire was reported, three fire fighting units reported to the scene to work on the fire.  They doused the flames for two hours. 

The transformer was destroyed in the fire along with 14-tons of diesel.  The plant was forced to halt production.

The Desh Energy authorities are not commenting at this time.  No word on how the fire started or what fire prtoection measures were at the plant.  

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