NV Energy Plant Fire Knocks out Power in Casino Row

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NV Energy Plant Catches Fire | F.E. Moran Special hazard Systems

Laughlin, Nevada -- An explosion and transformer fire left homes, businesses, and casino row black on Friday night.

The fire was first reported at 7pm on Friday and was out by 10pm.  No one was injured.

Local fire crews arrived quickly, but needed to let it burn out.  Transformers are filled with oil and are extremely flammable.

Jerry Van Haur, 63, said, "They're just watching it burn."  He was visiting a friend in the area when the explosion happened.  "It went totally dark.  All the slot machines stopped and just went black, so people with money in them were stuck.  The whole casino row was black.  And the whole town.  Not a streetlight, store light, anything."  When he left the casino, he had a hard time finding his car because the parking lot was black.  

NV Energy spokeswoman predicted the electricity to be back on by 2am, but it was back on just after 10:30pm.

The fire grew to 30-40 feet into the sky with black clouds billowing above.

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