Didcot Power Station Collapses, One Dead, Three Missing

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Didcot Power Station Collapsed | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems

One person died and three were injured when the Didcot Power Station Collapsed.  The event was marked as a major incident by Oxfordshire.

Thames Valley Fire Control Service confirmed the event and reported that four people were injured in the "very severe incident."

The plant was decomissioned in 2013 and has recently been in the process of being demolished. 

A plant spokesperson said, "We can confirm that shortly after 16:00 this afternoon, part of the boiler house at our former Didcot A Power Station site in Oxfordshire collapsed while an external demolition contractor was working on it.  Our thoughts are with the families of all those involved in this tragedy."

Coleman and Company, the demo company, tweeted, "working with all stakeholders to establish facts." The company went on to urge relatives of employees to get in touch.

Oxfordshire's Chief Fire Officer, Dave Etheridge, said, "We are doing our very best to secure the return of loved ones as soon as we can."

Fire service confirmed that in total, five people were treated in the hospital and fifty at the scene for dust inhalation. 

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