Lawson Convenient Store Opens at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

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Lawson Convenient Store Opens at Nuclear Power Plant

Fukushima, Japan -- Convenience store chain, Lawson, has opened a convenience store at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, where a major meltdown triggered a tsunami and elevated radiation levels.

Decommissioning work is taking place at the plant, following the nuclear meltdown that occurred on March 11, 2011.  Workers complained that the closest convenience store was 10 kilometers away, so Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) approached several convenient store chains to open a store on the property to improve worker satisfaction.

The 60 square meter store will be open Monday through Saturday, 6am to 7pm.  They will sell groceries and daily supplies, but no alcohol, canned/bottled drinks, and all food must be prepared in the store.

Lawson agreed to build a store in the location, despite radiation exposure.  TEPCO claims that the store's radiation exposure is .1 microsievert per hour.

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