Cheaper Renewable Energy has Soared Past Nuclear Power in India

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Renewable Energy becoming fuel of choice on energy generation | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems

India -- Renewable energy has taken over India as the fuel of choice over nuclear.

The country is seeking out carbon-free sources of energy to balance out its reliance on coal.  Renewable energy is cheaper, easier to install, and does not come with the same risks that nuclear power does.

Renewable energy generation has reached 61.8 billion units versus 36.1 billion units of nuclear generation (2014-2015).  India also is planning on increasing solar energy by 2022.  If India reaches its goal of 100,000 MW of solar by 2022,  solar will be the second most used energy resource.  India currently has 5,775 MW of energy.

Nuclear power in India is currently at 5,780 MW, another 1,500 MW is under construction, and 3,400 MW is cleared to start construction.

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