Fire Shuts Down Recently Recommissioned Healy Power Plant

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Fire shuts Down Recently Recommissioned Healy Power Plant | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems

Fairbanks, Alaska -- Only two days following the Healy Unit 2 coal-fired plant passing its commissioning test, a fire ignited in what is called a "puff" incident.

The fire occurred shortly after 7pm on Thursday from a heat source ignited coal dust in the air.  No one was injured in the fire.  It was lucky coincidence that the fire took place during a shift change.  The fire was quickly extinguished by the Healy Volunteer Fire Department.

Golden Valley, the company that owns Healy, brought the plant back online in May for the first time in sixteen years.  Golden Valley worked to slowly bring the plant to full capacity.  Two days after passing its 45-day commissioning test, the fire ignited.

This fire was the first that took place under the plant's new ownership.  However, there were similar problems prior to Golden Valley buying the plant in 2012.  "There were some problems when AIDEA owned it and was one of the reasons we didn't want to take the plant back in '99," said Bradish.

Golden Valley shut down the Healy Unit 2, planning to bring it back online Friday.  Healy Unit 2 will stay closed indefinitely while the fire is under investigation.

"It's the bgeinning of a process to figure out what happened," said Bradish.  "Through that [investigation] will come a timeline."

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