5,000 Homes Could be Left Powerless After Fire at Birmingham Recycling Plant

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Homes Lose Electricity During Recycling Plant Fire

Birmingham, AL -- Fire Crews were called to a major fire at a scrap metal recycling center, where 5,000 homes had their power threatened.  The fire ignited at 2pm on Tuesday.

 At its peak, more than 100 firefighters were at the scene.  Smoke could be seen for miles.  At the time, 4,000 homes were warned that their power could be cut because the pylon was isolated for safety reasons.  About 5,000 homes ended up getting their power cut at 7:45pm.  By 9pm, Western Power Distribution restored customers electricity.

The fire accidentally started and was fueled by 800 tonnes of mixed plastic, rubber, and metal.  

Chief Fire Officer Phil said, "It is likely to be a protracted incident and we will be dealing with the incident for at least the next 24 hours.  Although, this type of incident creates a surge in demand for firefighters and Fire Control, we will be redistributing our remaining resources to provide the best protection possible in case of other incidents."

People who live in the area or need to drive through the area are encouraged to keep windows and doors closed to avoid inhalation of the smoke.

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