Japan Regulators Okay Costly Ice Wall at Fukushima Plant

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Japan Regulators Okay Costly Ice Wall at Fukushima Plant | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems

Fukushima, Japan -- Japanese regulators approved a giant refrigeration system to create an underground frozen barrier, or wall, around the Fukushima nuclear plant to keep radioactive water from leaking.

The structure was completed last month, according to the Nuclear Regulation Authority, and is now ready to be activated.

Tokyo Electric Power plans on turning the ice wall on today to prevent radioactive water from leaning into the Pacific Ocean.  The wall will be started in phases to allow for monitoring and adjustments.

The plant currently has 800,000 tons of radioactive water stored at the plant that is preventing the nuclear plant from decommissioning.

The government-funded ice wall cost $312 million and is a year behind schedule.  Some experts question whether the technology will work at all.

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