800 Gallons of Sulfuric Acid Spill at MSU Power Plant

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800 Gallons of Sulfuric Acid Spill at MSU Power Plant | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems

East Lansing, MI -- About 800 gallons of sulfuric acid leaked from the TB Simon Power Plant at Michigan State University's campus.  The majority of workers needed to be evacuated.

The chemical spill happened at 8:30am, closing roads near the university.  They were re-opened at 11am.  No injuries were reported.

The spill mostly effected the tanker room.  A small amount leaked into the basement aisle and into the storm sewer system.  The university contacted the wastewater treatment plant.  The city has been running tests and show no negative impacts.

Crews were working to clean up the spill, test the air, and return the affected areas to a safe condition for workers into Tuesday.

No disruption of power to the university was reported.  While workers were evacuated out of caution, power plant operations were never taken down.

There was no damage to the plant.

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