Fire Department and Muscatine Power and Water Practice Trench Safety

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Fire Department teams with Muscatine Power and Water to Practice Trench Safety

Muscatine, IA -- The Muscatine Fire Department and Muscatine Power and Water plant have teamed up for trench safety.

The fire department doesn't have shoring equipment, so it works with Muscatine Power and Water to make sure they are prepared for a cave-in emergency.  In partnership with the power plant, they performed a rescue drill to practice their preparedness.

Trench shoring is used to hold the earth on the sides of a trench to stablize it.  It makes the area safe for workers and firefighters.  During the drill, firefighters lowered large boards onto either side of the practice trench and added struts to keep the boards in place.  This is the method that firefighters would use if a worker were to become trapped within a trench.

To prevent cave-ins, a trench box should be used, but for rescue operations, the shoring method is best.  Firefighters are able to move in the trench in a way that is safe for themselves and the victim.

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