Workers Killed in Didcot Power Station Collapse Feared 'Somebody Would Die'

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Workers killed at Didcot power station feared for their safety | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems

Three workers at the Didcot Power Station who are still missing allegedly expressed concerns about the safety at the plant prior to the collapse.

The workers, Chris Huxtable, 34, Ken Cresswell, 57, and John Shaw, 61, all expressed fears of safety and are still missing after the Didcot collapse.  A fourth man was also killed in the collapse, Mick Collings, 53.

Family members, friends, and co-workers have revealed that the three men, who were highly skilled workers, dismantling the plant, warned bosses about the structure being unstable.  Cresswell's wife, Gail, said, "Ken said someone was going to die in that building.  Ken said that building was going to come down.  He said, you can't weaken a building of that size with that much weight in it and expect to send men back in it.  He said it was going to go.  He told me that he told his bosses and everybody else.  He only went to work; you shouldn't die at work."

Cresswell and Shaw often refused to work in the boiler house, where the collapse took place, because they believed the cuts to the steel support legs were unsafe.  They claimed that at least one leg that was cut was beginning to buckle.  Instead of stopping work, they welded it back together.

One whistleblower said, "Kenny had concerns from day one when he found out what they were planning.  He would tell me, 'I'm not working in there; they're going to kill somebody,' and he did know what he was talking about."

Another whistleblower said, "Every single man who had anything to do with the cutting raised their concerns."

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