Quick Action Puts Out Fire at Power Plant

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Quick Action Extinguishes Power Plant Fire | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems

Barbados -- A small fire at Barbados Light and Power Company was extinguished by staff when it broke out near the oil tanks.

The fire could have been catatrophic considering it's location.  It broke out near several major oil tanks.

By the time a NATION team arrived at the generating plant, the fire had already been extinguished.  Fire officers were preparing to leave.

"Usually when we hear a fire at [Barbados] Light and Power, we spring into action," said Acting Divisional Officer Gordon Boxhill.  "But it was a small combustible fire caused by some hanging branches from a casuarina tree on the roof of the hut.  My advice to them is if they can't trim the branches then they should take care that the branches don't fall where a fire can be caused."

The fire broke out at 11:30am on Sunday.  

"As a result, all personnel were evacuated to our Pile Bay assembly point.  The Barbados Fire Service responded in a quick manner, and the all clear was given soon after.  Personnel were able to resume work an hour later and investigations are still continuing," said Jennifer Blackman, Communications Coordinator for BL&P. 

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