Power Plant Offers Free Heat to Local Homes

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Power Plant Offers Free Heat

Northhampton -- A power plant in Northampton is offering local customers free heat.

The power plant, Rolton Kilbride, plans on building a 200,000 tons per year waste gasifier.  It has seen some backlash from local residents.  In exchange for their cooperation, the plant is offering free heat to local residents.

Rolton Kilbride said: "Northampton Community Energy Scheme is currently gathering detailed information and reports and will be submitting a full planning proposal in the next few months."  Their application was due last Friday; however, it had been delayed after neighbors called a referendum on the plant.

To counteract the neighborhood uprising, the plant is offering them free heat.  It can supply 2,000 homes with free heat.

"A district heating network could significantly improve the situation for many homes and we would be generating enough heat for 2,000 households," said a spokesperson for the company.

Free heating is not "set in stone," but is considered an option.

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