Explosion, Fire at metal Recycling Plant - Accidental

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Explosion and Fire at Recycling Plant

Madison, WI -- An explosion and fire that took 7 hours to extinguish yesterday was ruled an accident.

The fire ignited at All Metals Recycling.  It was a stubborn, hard to reach fire within a 30 foot by 40 foot pile of scrap metal.  The pile hid the ignition source.

"The way we had to disassemble the pile to extinguish the fire, any form of evidence we might have found is pretty much destroyed in the process," said Fire Chief Steve Davis.

A theory is that the explosion and fire may have been caused by the failure of a compressed gas from some source in the scrap metal which was made of mostly automobiles.

"The investigators guess there was probably some form of a flammable liquid that ignited, from a gas tank the operator wasn't aware of or from an acetylene torch in a trunk," said Davis. 

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