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Green Buildings: Three Ways to Make Your Building More Efficient

Green Buildings: Three Ways to Make Your Building More Efficient

The biggest challenge for facility managers is reducing operating costs of a building. With these three energy efficient projects, facility managers can reduce costs by thousands of dollars a year.

Computrols 2017 Distribution Partner of the Year!

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F.E. Moran Mechanical Services and Computrols began their mutually beneficial partnership in fall of 2016. Over the past year, the two companies have partnered on a number of projects, mostly in the Greater Chicago Area.


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When asked about Computrols’ HVAC controls solutions, F.E. Moran Mechanical Services Tom Rogers, said, “I really like the flexibility of the controllers. One controller can do almost anything just by manipulating the software. Also, any point on their controllers can be configured as an input or output. No other controls company can do that.”


Mike Clayton, Computrols’ Manager of Strategic Partnerships, said, “Tom and F.E. Moran Mechanical Services understand and communicate the value of Computrols building automation systems as well as any distribution partner we have. They have become experts at implementing our CSI I/NET integration and controlling large-scale HVAC systems through CBAS.”

Rogers concluded, “one of my favorite parts of working with Computrols is how responsive they are. Everyone on their team is really passionate about the company and that extends to their network of distribution partners.”

F.E. Moran Mechanical Services is a part of the Moran Group of companies which was founded as a boiler and radiator installation service provider in 1931. Today, the business has blossomed into a turnkey construction group that includes HVAC services, custom pipe and sheet metal fabrication, fire protection, special hazard systems, mechanical services, and plumbing.

This is the second annual Distribution Partner of the Year Award given by Computrols. The 2016 winner was Williams Mechanical of Jonesboro, AR. The main criteria for the award is a passionate commitment to representing Computrols products.

To learn more about becoming a Computrols distribution partner, click here to hear from this year’s winner.

CSI INET Integration: An Interview with Tom Rogers, Building Controls Manager

CSI INET Integration- An Interview with Tom Rogers, Building Controls Manager.jpg

Northbrook, IL -- Tom Roger, F.E. Moran Mechanical Services' Building Controls Manager explains why he chose Computrols over their competitors for his I/NET Integration solution.

Computrols has provided a proven integration solution to I/NET 7 and I/NET 2000 systems for nearly a decade that can be found in facilities across the country. Unlike other I/NET integration solutions that rely on slow serial ports, our engineers have developed a solution that resides directly on the controller LAN and SubLAN and allows the existing I/NET 2000 or I/NET 7 workstations to remain in place as needed. 

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How to make your HVAC more efficient

HVAC efficient

How do I make my HVAC more efficient?  It’s something that our team at F.E. Moran Mechanical Services gets asked often.  It’s no wonder that this is a hot topic for commercial buildings.  It costs $.98 per 100 cubic feet to heat and cool a commercial facility on average. 

Get Your HVAC System in Top Working Order

Having an energy efficient HVAC system is not difficult if your system is in good working order to begin with.  That is why you want to start with 1) energy efficient, Energy Star HVAC equipment or 2) Commissioning, re-commissioning, or retro-commissioning your current HVAC system.  Commissioning is when you hire an HVAC servicer who works to get the system as efficient as possible.  Retro-commissioning is what it is called the first time a system has been commissioned that has already been installed and used.  Re-commissioning is what it is called when systems are commissioned after the retro-commissioning has taken place.


Keep Your System Working Efficiently 

To keep a commercial facility’s HVAC system working efficiently, you should complete the following tasks monthly:  1) Change the filters.  2)  Clean the air conditioning coils.

In addition to these tasks, add a building automation system (BAS).  A BAS can be programmed to reduce the air conditioning when the building is unoccupied and turn it up when the workday starts, saving energy usage.  It also has extra benefits like keeping record of your usage, so you can make smart decisions and a single portal control.  If your commercial business uses multiple buildings, you can control all of the HVAC from one portal, saving money in payroll.

Learn more about energy efficient HVAC here.

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9 Ways Building Automation Can Make Your Business Run Better

9 Ways Building Automation Can Make Your Business Run Better

The benefits of automation are inarguable.  Almost anything can be automated.  Emails can be sent, social media can be scheduled, security systems can be set, heating can be adjusted, lights can be turned on – all with the tap of a finger on your mobile device.  The simplicity and ability to increase your productivity is already a major benefit, but property automation takes the benefits to a whole new level.  With the ability to save on utility bills, control your property from anywhere, and intelligently adjust building components implementing building automation is a no-brainer.  Here are our top nine benefits of automating property system management.