Wrigleyville is Busy with the Cubbies and Construction

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Wrigleyville construction

Chicago, IL -- Wrigleyville is all abuzz, not just with the Cubbies heading to the World Series, but with construction.  The Wrigley Field area is being built up to accommodate fans.

The construction is on three of the four corners surrounding Wrigley Field.  The construction has been going on for three years now.  Currently, there is a $750 million Wrigley Field reno, an office building, triangle plaza, new restaurants, and the Hotel Zachary (an F.E. Moran project!) is underway.

The biggest project is the triangle plaza.  It is planned to be ready for Opening Day 2017.  The plan is to make it an open event space.  Farmers markets, movies in the park, and other special events will be held there. 

Hotel Zachary is planned to open in 2018.  

Another major project will be the Addison & Clark project.  It will be a complex comprised of a theater, 14 retail spaces, and apartments. 

Learn more about Wrigleyville construction here. 

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