Worker Killed in Construction Accident at Bellevue College

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A construction worker was killed when he fell four stories to the ground at the Health Sciences Building at Bellevue College.

He was found at 10:45am today.

He had a safety harness on, but it appears it wasn't attached to anything when he fell.

"[Witnesses] said he was on a ladder, fell from that ladder and down several stories to the ground below.  Officers are investigating and talking to those witnesses to see exactly what happened in this case," said Bellevue Officer Seth Tyler.

The man is believed to have worked for Bayley Construction.  The Department of Labor and Industries said that this company has been fined in the past for not having guardrails on surfaces over four feet.  This incident was found only after someone was injured due to the violation.

A Department of Labor and Industries spokesperson also said that the company had 3 more inspections that resulted in no violations.

OSHA is also investigating the death.