Worker Dies at Wrigley Plant - again

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construction accident Chattanooga, TN --  A 64-year old man was injured at the Wrigley Manufacturing Plant this week and died at the scene.  Wrigley is not releasing any details of the accident.  However, the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration spokesperson Jennifer Farrar said, "They'll do a thorough investigation with the employees and looking at everything that happened."

The Wrigley spokesperson Denise Young said, "Out of respect for the family and our associated, we will not comment further at this time."  This is the exact same statement they gave last year when 34 year old Mandy Chitwood died at the plant.

The TOSHA investigation found that Chitwood was on a ladder and it was hit by a forklift.  "She should not have been on the ladder at all," said Steven Stallings, former Wrigley employee.

Stallings told NewsChannel9 that he witnessed many accidents during his time with Wrigley.  "I've seen a girl get her teeth knocked out by a machine.  I've seen a girl get her face burnt up, third-degree burns on her face."  

None of these accidents were reported to TOSHA because it is not required.  TOSHA only requires three types of accidents be reported:  work-related death, loss of a limb or eye, and incidents that involved three or more hospitalized workers.


What are your thoughts on TOSHA's policy?